cottage-contemporary This has been a much loved cottage garden in a Northamptonshire village but when we arrived it was in need of some attention as the shrubs had mostly outgrown their space and a later addition of a conservatory had meant that some of these were blocking light from the house.

Our clients were keen on cottage plants such as Roses, Peony, Japanese Anemones, Hostas and Magnolia but wanted to open up the garden, provide another seating area to catch the evening sun and create a space for a collection of contemporary garden pots.
Today the garden is a delicious muddle of cottage garden plants held within curvaceous borders. Grass, brick and stone paths and terraces lead the eye, and the feet, around the garden with restful spots to catch the sun and watch the grasses blowing softly in the breeze.

We are looking after the ongoing maintenance of this garden and will continue to be involved with its development.