contemporary-courtyard Although the space was small and overgrown, barely 7m x 7m, the garden was sunny and sheltered, the proportions comfortable and our client passionate about creating a contemporary garden softened with loose, naturalistic planting to enhance her 1960’s home.

We wanted to inject a fizzy colour scheme so painted the fence limey green and chose planting in shades of lime, orange, purple and blue. Attracting birds and insects was very important and so we looked for plants with single flowers, daisy flowers, and spires of tiny flowers planted in drifts. Early nectar is provided by hellebores and spring bulbs. Native trees are attractive to nesting birds and to many insects so we chose a white-stemmed silver birch as the focal point. Although this grows quite large, the canopy is light giving only dappled shade.
The ground pattern was a strong swirl of sandstone paving around a gravel circle and a curved, raised border to bring the plants up to nose and eye level, provide extra seating and provide good drainage on the heavy soil. Custom built joinery was an important feature providing an oak bench and horizontal slatted trellis panels.