Laying against overpoweringly high, turf banks; this North Bedfordshire stone new-build felt hemmed in by the surrounding land. The bleakness of the outlook was addressed by major excavations, creating a series of sinuously curving stone and timber terraces to echo the stone of the house. Immediately the feeling was much less enclosed and the terraces gave the opportunity to plant long meandering borders to give interest from the house throughout the year. As we move away from the house, the planting becomes more informal with prairie-style perennial planting on the upper bank giving a blaze of colour from May onwards. Trees such as Birch, Rowan and Hawthorn have been planted on the skyline to blend garden and countryside.

At the rear of the house, the terraces finally curve around a pond with a hardwood deck giving access to the water and providing a relaxing place to sit overlooking the distant countryside. A new orchard of apple and plum trees has been planted with spring bulbs, and small vegetable garden has been created by building raised beds over an old pig pen.