a-tiny-haven A garden with a wow factor in a tiny space is not always easy to create, particularly when the clients want to build it themselves and have no previous landscaping experience. The house was on an estate of similar homes in Northampton and really needed an individual touch. A conservatory had been added by our clients so they knew that they would spend a lot of time looking out over their small patch. The gable end of the neighbour’s house loomed large in this view.

The real gem in this garden was a high, curved brick wall, which we took as our inspiration for a circular design. Circles hold the eye in the garden, which is what we were trying to achieve; and if a real showstopper, like the quirky spherical water feature is added inside a Box maze together with the light and airy canopy of Birch trees then the neighbour’s house ‘disappears’! The attractive shape of the wall was emphasised by training a Pyracantha very formally along the curve

Our clients worked from the Master Plan and specifications, making a fabulous job of building their lovely garden over a 3 year period. Now they have moved on to a MUCH bigger house and garden and we have been asked to help them plan this major project.